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MWI – Markweb Informatica was born in 2007 by Marco Valenti. It is a company that solves management and IT problems through customized solutions using a professional team with technical and management skills.

Penetration Test & Ethical Hacking

Penetration Test

Penetration testing is a technique used to test the security of a computer system by simulating a computer attack by a hacker, in order to identify any weaknesses in the system. The test is carried out by computer security experts who use specialised tools and advanced techniques to perform a series of tests on the system in order to identify any vulnerabilities.

Once these vulnerabilities are identified, the computer security experts try to exploit them as an attacker would, in order to gain access to or damage the system. The objective of the Penetration Test is to provide the owner of the system with detailed information on risks and potential vulnerabilities, in order to improve its security and prevent future cyber attacks.

It is important to emphasise that the Penetration Test is only conducted with the consent of the system owner, in order to protect the system itself and the sensitive information it contains. In addition, the computer security experts who perform the test are required to adhere to certain standards of ethics and professional conduct in order to ensure the maximum security of the system and the privacy of the information it contains.

Just as a simple example: Imagine you have a house with doors and windows, which are the access points to your computer system. The Penetration Test consists of identifying any weak points in the doors and windows, and trying to enter your home through these weak points, just as a burglar would. The goal is to discover any vulnerabilities in the system that could be exploited by hackers to break into the system and steal sensitive information or damage the system itself.

The Penetration Test process can be conducted in various ways, depending on the client's needs. Typically, it starts with gathering information about the target system, such as IP addresses, open ports and software used. Next, security experts use specialised tools to scan and analyse the system to identify any vulnerabilities.

Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is a computer security practice that consists of testing the security of a computer system using the same techniques and tools that a hacker might use, but with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities in the system and alerting the system owner to where the problems are.

In general, ethical hacking is a way of testing the security of a computer system, such as a website or application, to discover any security flaws before a hacker discovers them and exploits them for malicious purposes, such as stealing sensitive data or spreading computer viruses.

Ethical hacking practitioners, also called ethical hackers or penetration testers (as explained above), are computer security experts who use advanced tools and techniques to detect vulnerabilities in computer systems and report to the system owner where the problems are. In this way, the system owner can take steps to correct the vulnerabilities and improve the security of their system.

To simplify the concept, ethical hacking is a computer security practice of identifying vulnerabilities in computer systems using the same techniques and tools that a hacker might use, but with the goal of identifying problems and improving system security.

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MWI - Markweb Informatica - Secure your business

MWI - Markweb Informatica is a North Italian company that works in Piedmont,Lombardy and Liguria. It deals with computer security and tailored web application development

We consider us as your trusted consultant for approaching serenely to the IT world.

We are specialized in web application creation, websites development, accounting,staf and orders management . We use encrypted servers and virtual networks to allow the connection of multiple locations all over the world.

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Our Excellencies

IT Security

IT Security is the branch of IT that deals with the analysis of vulnerabilities,risks, threats or attacks. It is aimed at protecting of hardware, software and communication between devices. This purpose is achieved thanks to some technical and organizational measures. We ensure: data integrity, data encryption, physical and logical access via authentication, features and services availability and the total protection of the system by malwares and other attacks.

Tailored software creation

Very often, our customers ask us to turn their ideas in a source code. This is a very delicate operation and needs a deep valuation. First we need to get all the ideas and write on paper the project, then we do some sketch to see a program preview. At this point begins the partial writing of the code, a very important step. The customer can check in every time and apply for changes. Generally the project needs about 2 to 8 month for the whole develop.

Mobile & Web App Development

Often the customers we meet ask us if we can develop smartphone applications and how much costs a tailored one. The most logic answer is: absolutely yes! We also deal with custom Android apps, but the real question is how much it costs. Looking in several stores (e.g. Play Store by Google) we can see that there are totally free apps. This could be confusing and could give awrong perception: you could think that developing a smartphone application has a low price and would be available to every budgets. But the reality is diferent from what we can imagine.