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MWI – Markweb Informatica was born in 2007 by Marco Valenti. It is a company that solves management and IT problems through customized solutions using a professional team with technical and management skills.

Web Software Development

Websites have become an indispensable tool for any business, non-profit organization, or individual. Today, with the widespread use of the internet, having a website is essential to be visible online and reach a wider audience. A website allows you to present your business in a complete and accurate way. Through the website, you can provide detailed information about the products or services offered, the company's activities, and your credentials. Additionally, a website is an excellent tool for reaching potential customers by providing them with detailed information about your activities and services.

Having a website is a great tool for promoting your company's image. A well-designed and detailed website is a sign of the company's professionalism and reliability. Moreover, a website can be used to create a community around your business by providing information and content of interest to the target audience. If we consider the development of an E-commerce website, we realize that it allows us to sell products and services online, reaching a potentially global audience. In this way, the company can expand its target market and increase its profitability. Not to mention that a website is an excellent tool for customer loyalty. Through the website, you can provide useful information and services to your customers, such as the ability to make online reservations, access customer service, track orders, and much more. Having a website in 2023 is essential for any business that wants to be visible online and reach a wider audience.

If you are thinking of developing a website for your business, requesting a free technical analysis from us is an excellent first step. Our highly qualified development team can guide you in finding a solution that meets your needs and those of your customers, thereby increasing the success and profitability of your idea.

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MWI - Markweb Informatica - Secure your business

MWI - Markweb Informatica is a North Italian company that works in Piedmont,Lombardy and Liguria. It deals with computer security and tailored web application development

We consider us as your trusted consultant for approaching serenely to the IT world.

We are specialized in web application creation, websites development, accounting,staf and orders management . We use encrypted servers and virtual networks to allow the connection of multiple locations all over the world.

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Web Department

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Server Department

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Our Excellencies

IT Security

IT Security is the branch of IT that deals with the analysis of vulnerabilities,risks, threats or attacks. It is aimed at protecting of hardware, software and communication between devices. This purpose is achieved thanks to some technical and organizational measures. We ensure: data integrity, data encryption, physical and logical access via authentication, features and services availability and the total protection of the system by malwares and other attacks.

Tailored software creation

Very often, our customers ask us to turn their ideas in a source code. This is a very delicate operation and needs a deep valuation. First we need to get all the ideas and write on paper the project, then we do some sketch to see a program preview. At this point begins the partial writing of the code, a very important step. The customer can check in every time and apply for changes. Generally the project needs about 2 to 8 month for the whole develop.

Mobile & Web App Development

Often the customers we meet ask us if we can develop smartphone applications and how much costs a tailored one. The most logic answer is: absolutely yes! We also deal with custom Android apps, but the real question is how much it costs. Looking in several stores (e.g. Play Store by Google) we can see that there are totally free apps. This could be confusing and could give awrong perception: you could think that developing a smartphone application has a low price and would be available to every budgets. But the reality is diferent from what we can imagine.